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Named after a house cat named DB, DB Media was Founded in November 2008 by writer D.R. Pedraza and musician Michael Guerra in San Antonio, Texas. A Second location is now in New Mexico as the film arm of the company moved to work in the Film Friendly state.

After quitting their full time jobs to work only in their chosen fields, DB Media was formed. With a number of projects close to release, the companies first event was the San Antonio Tardeada Music Festival held at the now long gone Ruben’s Place in Selma, Texas.  The show lineup included bands that we are still very close to such at Mitch Webb & The Swindles, Patricia Vonne, The Tex Mex Experience and The Flaming Hellcats, to name a few.

The next event was the release of The Historical Fiction Novel, The Solomon Chronicles, written by Pedraza. The book is the first in a series of a scheduled five.

The Solomon Chronicles was well reviewed by critics and fans and the follow up book was already underway.

In 2010, Pedraza and Guerra became songwriters under BMI Records and still are to date. The two would also work on the company’s first film The Last Rose shot in San Antonio. The film would later be scrapped due to sound issues.


The Michael Guerra Band Cover

2012 was the next event in DB Media with the release of the self titled “The Michael Guerra Band” Album. The record was an instant success with it climbing into the charts as high as #22 in Texas and #28 Nationally, the only Independent Label that high up. The band would tour as often as possible, the highlight being the December 2012 sold out show at the historic Granada Theater opening for The Mavericks.

2012 also was the second venture into film with the short “To Serve and Protect” starring Patricia Vonne and Eric Reinholt. To Serve was an entry into the 2012 48 Hour Film Festival and featured music by Raul Malo. The film would end up ineligible as it was handed in two minutes late (lessons learned!)

2013 was busy for DB Media’s Michael Guerra and D.R. Pedraza. While Guerra was busy recording and hitting the road for a World Tour with The Mavericks, Pedraza began work on his second film, the Short “Love Death” which is based off his fictional character Jude Quinn. The film was directed by Chip Mefford and starred Shy Pilgreen, Arthur Ruiz, Staci Mueller and Glynn Praesel. This project was the first with Chip Mefford who would become Pedraza’s mentor.

On the set of the trailer for the drama "Duque"


Book two of The Solomon Chronicles was completed in April of 2013 and went into an extensive editing process. DB Media would again enter the 48 Hour Film Project and wrote, produced and co-directed the Short Film “Olivia” starring Jesse Borrego and Javier Medellin. This was followed up with the Short Film teaser “Duque” which also starred Jesse Borrego and newcomer Ally Bancroft. This film was directed by acclaimed New York director Jack Skyyler. The year ended with the release of “Santa Loves San Antone” written by Pedraza & Guerra.

The Team

D.R. Pedraza

Founder & CEO/Creative Development


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Michael Guerra

Founder/President of Music


Chip Mefford

President of Film


Denise Brockbank

Chief Administrative Officer


Samantha Heer

Creative Development


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