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Pedraza: Un Viaje de Regreso a Casa

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Welcome to the Pedraza Documentary Page, dedicated to 'Pedraza: Un Viaje de Regreso a Casa' - a documentary on Diego Pedraza, the inaugural Surgeon in the New World under Captain General Hernan Cortes.

Our fundraising strategies encompass various avenues, including in-person donations, grants, and sales from selected items in the DB Media Entertainment store. Our approach breaks down the process into segments, beginning with:

1. Research and Development: $5,000
This covers historical research, script development, and initial planning.
2. Travel and Accommodation (Pre-Production): $8,000
Expenses linked to location scouting, expert meetings, and permit acquisition.

Our initial fundraising target for this section amounts to $13,000.



Groundbreaking Documentary "Pedraza: Un Viaje de Regreso a Casa" Explores Ancestry, Culture, and Medicine in the New World

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The screenplay which inspired the documentary

Albuquerque, New México — September 30, 2023 — Award-winning screenwriter and filmmaker D.R. Pedraza is set to take audiences on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and ancestral exploration in the upcoming documentary "Pedraza: Un Viaje de Regreso a Casa." This captivating and deeply personal film will transport viewers from present-day Albuquerque, New Mexico, to the historic year 1521, when the first surgeon in the New World, Don Diego Pedraza, landed on the shores of Mexico. He would go on to help build and work at the first hospital in the New World.


Overview: "Pedraza: Un Viaje de Regreso a Casa" is a remarkable documentary that delves into the rich history of the Pedraza family and the broader cultural tapestry of Spain, France, and Mexico. Through a combination of historical research, family interviews, and breathtaking travel footage, the film paints a vivid picture of the Pedraza family's incredible journey through the ages. This documentary is not just a family history exploration; it is a lens through which viewers can gain a deeper understanding of the cultural and medical historic significance of the New World's early days.


Key Highlights:

  • Ancestral Exploration: The documentary retraces the footsteps of the Pedraza family, offering a unique opportunity to explore and document their ancestral roots, tracing their journey from Spain to Mexico.

  • Diego Pedraza's Pioneering Role: Diego Pedraza's status as the first surgeon in the New World is of immense medical historic importance. His work and contributions to healthcare in the early colonial period provide insights into the challenges and advancements in medical practices during that era.

  • Cultural Fusion: Through the life and legacy of Diego Pedraza, the film sheds light on the cultural fusion that occurred during the conquest of Mexico, highlighting the blending of indigenous, European, and African cultures that shaped the region's unique cultural heritage.

  • Interconnectedness of Family: The documentary showcases how family lines crossed and converged over centuries, emphasizing the interwoven nature of family histories and the way they mirror the broader history of colonization and settlement in the Americas.

  • Musical and Artistic Elements: With the involvement of Nashville and Grand Ole Opry star Stephanie Urbina Jones, the project incorporates musical and artistic elements, adding depth to the cultural narrative and showcasing the cultural richness of the regions visited.


The Filmmaker: D.R. Pedraza is a multi-award-winning novelist, screenwriter, and filmmaker with a passion for storytelling that dates back to his early years. This documentary project is deeply personal for him, as it combines his lifelong love of storytelling with his duty to preserve the legacy of his ancestor, Diego Pedraza.


Partners and Collaborators: The project features a range of collaborators, including a Nashville/Grand ole Opry star, professors from renowned universities, representatives from historical institutions, and family members, all of whom contribute to the depth and authenticity of the documentary.


Release and Distribution: "Pedraza: Un Viaje de Regreso a Casa" is currently in production, with plans for distribution to audiences worldwide upon completion. The project is expected to resonate with a diverse audience, from history enthusiasts and genealogists to those interested in the cultural and medical history of the Americas.


Contact: For media inquiries, please contact: D.R. Pedraza, at 505-433-1696 or

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